Be Blackjack Pro – Simple Blackjack Strategy

As we mentioned on the Blackjack rule page we have shown a lot before actually playing blackjack. Below we have our Blackjack strategy for you a little expanded. It would be clear that a good blackjack strategy does not only consist of a strategy that you use table blackjack.

Towards the Blackjack table

Choosing a blackjack table is the first step you must consider well. Let’s start by looking at the casino directly. When you play in the Netherlands, you will end up with one of the Holland casino branches. Holland Casino Black Jack is present in two forms – version of Holland Casino Black Jack and the original version of Blackjack.

The version of the Holland casino blackjack rule has a lower limit and is therefore far more run. Therefore you will tend to sit here. It’s okay to do this but keep in mind that ‘own’ Holland Casino Blackjack rules Blackjack on diversity and chances of Blackjack are worse than the original version of Blackjack.

We take you to the Blackjack table where the original version of Blackjack is played.

Choose where you want to sit

Choosing a position to sit is very important for the progress of your own game. You will sit at the beginning, you don’t know what you are doing with the players after their cards and thus it will happen ‘blackjack players’ who are not experienced destroying your hands – here we come later. And if you sit at the end you have the pressure from ‘good’ to / still there other blackjack players on the blackjack table.

Two identical cards, now what?

If you get two cards, it’s important for you to know what to do with such a partner. Depending on the value of your card, you decide to divide your card.

For example, do you two think it’s a suggestion to be shared. Two considered making a score of 16 points, which was the worst hand in Blackjack. When you use the Blackjack strategy and you both think you have the opportunity to divide two hands, for example 18.

Another couple that you must always split between two aces. Two aces gave 12 points. There is also a little with it. While if you share it then you suddenly get twice blackjack. That is of course much better. Twenties or nine, you can never separate, which is far too good. All other couples depend on the dealer card and if you produce more money to stab.

All or not!

Docting is a great blackjack strategy that you can get a lot of money. Twice done on a very good hand. When you double your hand in blackjack you place your first bet the same bet again and tell the dealer you still want.

Double do it on the opposite if, for example 10 or 11 with your initial two cards. You only get one card to your hand with him. So if you have 10 points and you get 3 points with your hands and adjust it automatically. It is clearly intended to be ten there which makes you have 20 points or even a US card and you get a black jack.

Benefits for Dealers

Not only according to Blackjack Casino Holland rules, but only in most casinos, direct casinos and casinos online, dealers reveal one of the cards. Most players see the strength of this one card above the head or use them in their blackjack strategy.

When preparing your Blackjack strategy if this is not missed. Dealer maps can tell you because you keep playing or folding. If the dealer has 2 to 6 it can have their hands relatively low because the dealer is a bit of a crushing prospect.

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