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Lotteries are fun, and big-time lotteries that let you win a mind-blowing, life-changing cash prize in a single evening are even more fun! If you are craving something exciting and possibly profitable to do on a weekday, look no further than United States Mega Millions 5/70. This massive, entertaining, and highly rewarding game with twice-weekly drawings gives everyone a decent chance to score a valuable win that can be worth millions or billions of rands. Come to YesPlay, pick your lucky Mega Millions numbers, and place a bet that can easily make you one of the wealthiest people in South Africa!

What is the US Mega Millions lottery?

US Mega Millions is a much-celebrated lotto game with a fascinating concept that appeals to millions of international players looking for juicy rewards. To South African players, this US lottery giant with amazing prizes is available two times a week – every Wednesday and Saturday morning, at 05:45 SAST – via modern and secure online betting websites like YesPlay.

The lottery features a dual-matrix structure, meaning there are two drums with two separate sets of balls involved. The main set contains 70 balls, requiring the bettor to pick five. The bonus set comes with a pool of just 25 balls, from which the user has to select just one MegaBall number. The player that manages to hit all 5 out of 70 main numbers plus an additional number from the special 25-ball selection will take home a whopping reward.

Unlike US players who participate in this lottery the traditional way, bettors from South Africa playing Mega Millions online via YesPlay are betting on the lucky numbers drawn in the game, which means they can decide how many balls to bet on or what additional betting options to activate. Thus, they can bet on just one or two of the main numbers, exclude the bonus MegaBall number, or place an additional wager on Odd/Even balls that will be drawn in the next game.

How to check the latest Mega Millions results online in SA?

The fastest way to learn the latest lottery winning numbers is to watch the drawing live. However, given the time difference, this is not always possible. In that case, YesPlay can come in very handy! This functional and convenient betting website allows any adult SA gambler to check the latest Mega Millions results or access historical winning numbers for this and hundreds of other foreign lottery games with just a few clicks and from the comfort of your own home.


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