Learn About The Types Of Sports Betting Odds

Everyone knows that sports betting can keep your adrenaline rush awake and if you are planning for successful wins and thinking of becoming a good punter, then you should not always rely on luck. You have to understand the betting odds and know the correct use of it. Without this knowledge, you will lose both time and money.

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Types of Betting Odds That You Should Know

  • The American Odds

These are the Moneyline odds for winning, which the punter has to pay $100. The American offs are divided into two parts, favourites, and underdogs. A+ is to the underdogs and when the number is high, the underdogs also become higher. With +400 underdogs, you have better chances of winning the game.

A value of $100 is used in American odds and you can even convert it into percentages. You should have bets of -110 for getting at least 52.38% of the breakthrough. These odds might also be attached to the point spread. These odds are simple and easy to pick.

  • Fractional odds

This kind of odds is most often used in the UK and also the Republic of Ireland. These odds are easy to calculate with the second number to the right being the bet amount and the first denominator to the left is the wager’s amount. The favourites are the “odds on” and the underdogs are the “odds against”.

The fractional odds go with a point spread. The easiest way of converting is turning the fraction into the decimal one and also add 1.

  • Decimal odds

These are the European Odds, used by the online bookmakers. You will be needing just 2 seconds to calculate the decimal odds and the original bet amount is included in the potential pay-out. The breakeven odds are at 2.0, i.e. double the stake.

You don’t need many people to calculate these odds. These odds provide the most accurate and the fairest bets and that is why is preferred by the online bookmakers.


Now after knowing the odds, there is no stopping you, and your chances of winning are also going to increase!

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