When will online poker be legal again

Online poker and online gambling, in general, are already legal in multiple states of the US and multiple countries around the world.

Since the wire act – a 1961 law aimed at criminal gangs and sports betting – was reinterpreted by the US Department of Justice to legalize online poker, multiple poker sites are licensed and legal in the US. Some states even have multi-state internet gaming, although most online poker rooms licensed in the US are restricted to a single state, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Delaware, to name a few.

Some poker sites take advantage of the so-called “gray area” of the law, where they are not banned or illegal, but credit card companies can’t process payments to and by poker players. However, they are not licensed by the US government either.

It’s a tricky situation that must be dealt with in a case-by-case manner. If you are wondering if you can play online poker from the country or state you are based, contact DonkHunter – they have extensive practical knowledge of how to deal with this situation and can offer you personalized support and advice.

Online Gambling Worldwide

The map above shows where online gambling is banned worldwide. Legalized online poker is possible usually wherever online gambling is legal as well.

Where it is completely banned, many still play online poker using a VPN or even online poker sites that are completely anonymous and operate only in cryptocurrency, therefore outside of any country’s jurisdiction.

Some countries require and issue licenses to online poker sites. In this case, there are a few options, but players and operators must comply with certain regulations, such as KYC (know your customer) policies, for example, players are required to provide proof of identity and address.

Despite being marked purple on the map, meaning online gambling was banned, legalized online poker and even multi-state internet gaming are already a possibility in the United States, as explained above, either at regulated online poker sites or operating in the “gray area” for not licensed but also not illegal.

Legal online poker sites

If  you take a look at the DonkHunter poker rooms page, you will find filters that show you legal online poker rooms in the US, Europe, Asia, and so on. Online poker is legal for different poker rooms and different countries (same as online casinos).

Some options you will find there include:

  • GGPoker: this poker room is part of the GG Network, which has many skins such as BetKings and Natural8, this way players from the US, Asia, and Europe can play together.
  • PokerBros: this and other Chinese apps technically operate only with play money and therefore can accept poker players from all over the world. However, with the help of an agent, you can exchange play money chips for real money, and that’s a way to play real money poker games with a play money app.
  • Blockchain Poker: this poker room is completely anonymous and games are played only with cryptocurrency. This way, Blockchain poker operates outside of the US jurisdiction, since it does not deal with dollars or bank accounts.

These are only a few options you will find at DonkHunter – if you want to know more, feel free to send a message and browse through their site. They have numerous online poker reviews and other useful articles.

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